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If I were to die tomorrow, I could die happy.
In 58 years Iíve won the love of a good woman, a daughter, a son, four granddaughters, and six dogs. 
I made an unassisted triple play and won a championship football game with a last-second 98-yard run.
I was captain of my high school tennis team, Senior Class President, and unofficial class clown. 
In college I played trumpet in rock bands, perfected the art of the stunt fall, and celebrated my 21st birthday in Paris.
Iíve worked at Jack-in-the-Box and Penneyís, sold leisure suits and contact lenses, and taught elementary school for 16 years.
In my spare time, Iíve learned a couple of hundred songs on the trumpet or piano, painted forty wall murals, written two dozen song parodies and eight plays, and completed one novel and half of two others. 

Iíve also found time to build 155 plastic models (only 95 to go) which I display along with a thousand 1950ís space and aviation collectibles in 54 custom-built dioramas in my toy room. 
I may not place first in the ďHe Who Dies With The Most Toys, WinsĒ Contest, but Iíll definitely be a contender.


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More Information.  You may write to Lance at 5001 Kendra Court Fair Oaks, CA 95628, send him email or submit an online information request.

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