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The Cottonmouth Club :: A novel by Lance Marcum

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Summertime and the livin' ain't easy

School's finally out, and eleven-year-old Mitch Valentine is ready to get started on his extensive list of things to do with his best friend - until his mom ruins everything with a surprise announcement. The family is going to take a long trip halfway across the country, to stay with her family down South. Mitch's reluctant summer visit to sweltering farm country tests him in all sorts of ways, starting with his sense of humor. Pitkin, Louisiana, turns out to be a place filled with challenges and dangers, from rope burns to raging bulls.

In this vivid and funny first novel, Mitch discovers that it's his own bad decisions that can make for the biggest challenges and dangers of all.  Read an excerpt from The Cottonmouth Club. *

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More Information.  You may write to Lance at 5001 Kendra Court Fair Oaks, CA 95628, send him email or submit an online information request.

*  Excerpt from THE COTTONMOUTH CLUB (C) 2005 by Lance Marcum. Used with the permission of Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

The Cottonmouth Club :: A novel by Lance Marcum
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