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Lance Marcum's fun and gamesRecent surveys have shown that the average adult is shockingly ignorant of basic scientific knowledge, with three out of four Americans unable to respond correctly to the question “What natural force keeps you from being flung off the planet?”

As a lifelong science enthusiast and teacher, I am unable to sit idly by while we embarrass ourselves in front of the world, so I have created a sample practice test in hopes of improving the performance of my fellow citizens.  Please take a few moments to take the test in case you are selected for this year’s survey.  Remember, America could be counting on you!       

Practice Science Test  (Print this test)*

  1. Atoms consist of electrons, neutrons, and
    A)  protons    
    B)  proteins    
    C)  propane

  2. Stars are made in
    A)  huge molecular clouds of primordial hydrogen
    B)  kindergarten    
    C)  Hollywood

  3. At the center of most large galaxies is probably a supermassive
    A)  black hole       
    B)  pothole    
    C) doughnut hole

  4. Astronomers have recently discovered that our own galaxy is a
    A)  barred spiral   
    B)  marred spiral   
    C)  tarred spiral

  5. Tyrannosaurus rex teeth were
    A)  serrated   
    B)  aerated     
    C)  R-rated

  6. Raptors like Deinonychus more than likely hunted in
    A)  packs       
    B)  Land Rovers          
    C)  bright orange safety vests

  7. The name “sauropod” translates to
    A)  “lizard feet”      
    B)  “flying feet”  
    C)  “My feet are killing me!”

  8. Most scientists now believe that dinosaurs died from         
    A)  a mass extinction of extraterrestrial origin
    B)  Africanized bee stings    
    C)  boredom

  9. Many paleontologists think that dinosaur descendants are still alive today, and are called
    A)  birds     
    B)  on rotary phones      
    C)  for jury duty

  10. Early humans made homes out of
    A)  mammoth bones    
    B)  styrofoam     
    C) sight of their in-laws             

(If you answered “A” to all ten questions, give yourself an “A.”)

Raptors like Deinonychus more than likely hunted in ...

More Information.  You may write to Lance at 5001 Kendra Court Fair Oaks, CA 95628, send him email or submit an online information request.

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