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Lance Marcum has spent the last 16 years teaching kids to not only write, but to
actually enjoy it.

A former 6th grade student of his, Stacy Hunter, said it best in an end-of-the-year Thank You card: “Mr. Marcum, you have opened my eyes to writing like no other teacher has, and I thank you for that.”

Sixth-grader Jackson Wagner wrote, “Now I know how to get fun out of my writing, which makes me feel good about my work, not just relieved that I’m finished.”

Stacy and Jackson are just two of the hundreds of students Lance has inspired with his innovative approach to writing.  What’s his secret?  He writes right along with his students, modeling every step of the creative process from brainstorming to polishing.

Lance has put his experience and talent into a series of:

These events are specifically designed for students from grade levels four through eight.  Click here for honoraria details.

More Information.  You may write to Lance at 5001 Kendra Court Fair Oaks, CA 95628, send him email or submit an online information request.




Lance Marcum author of "The Cottonmouth Club"
Lance Marcum: Author in residence

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