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“Thank you for inspiring your students to be better writers by sharing with them the development of your own novel.  I can’t think of anything that would have made them more conscious of correct word choice, style, and the need to revise and rewrite.”  Linda San Gregorio

“All the writing and rewriting was a real eye-opener as to how much improvement can be attained with time, work, and effort.  My son skips these two phases to good writing, but he now knows the pain required to achieve a good final draft.  ‘No pain, no gain.’”   Toni Babcock

“Thanks so much for giving Emilee encouragement and guidance in creative writing.  We saw enthusiasm and excitement like never before when she was writing.  You have taught her that when she explores that creative mind, she can produce work that is fun and something she can be proud of.”  Joan and Steve Underly

“What you taught my son about writing, he’ll use his whole life.”  Hyla Wagner


“You made writing exciting for me, like an adventure.”   Matty Broad

“I never really liked writing but I was good at it.  Then you showed me how much fun it could be.  That’s when I started to pour out my heart and thoughts into my stories.”  Jessica Ljung

“There is probably not a better writing teacher out there.  Thanks a ton!”  Taylor Doris

More Information.  You may write to Lance at 5001 Kendra Court Fair Oaks, CA 95628, send him email or submit an online information request.

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